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Striped Bass
(Striper, Rockfish, Linesides, White Devil)

Striped Bass run in schools most of the time and cover lots of water following whatever prey they happen to favor, which in Arkansas is normally the shad. Landlocked Striped Bass can cruise at 7mph with burst of speed recorded up to 45mph.
    They may be here this morning, 5 miles down the lake by afternoon, and somewhere else entirely by tomorrow. Unlike largemouth bass, stripers gorge themselves full, then won't feed again until their stomachs are empty. Stripers are more light-sensitive than largemouth bass and easier to spook. You can put down an entire feeding school for hours just by motoring over them or dropping something against the hull.
   What stripers lack in predictability, they more than make up in other ways. They don't leap much but will fight you all the way to the boat. Best of all they grow fast and get really big.

    The majority of my guiding for stripers takes place on Lake Ouachita because it is the cleanest and most scenic lake in the Diamond Lakes region.
    Lake Ouachita also consistently produces a better quality of stripers in regards to size, (8 - 16 pound striped bass are the average fish caught year round) and trophy sized stripers are more plentiful than in the surrounding lakes. Lake Ouachita is stocked by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission annually with striped bass, catfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Florida strain largemouth bass and has excellent populations of Kentucky bass, crappie and walleye.

   That is not to say that Lake Hamilton and Lake Greeson do not offer great striped bass fishing because they do and I guide for stripers on them when requested by my customers. Lake Hamilton which intertwines through the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas produces many striped bass, and some that are trophy class stripers. For the most part Lake Hamilton's stripers tend to be smaller on average. Lake Hamilton being a city lake lacks the pristine wilderness beauty of Lake Ouachita, but offers amenities of its own such as high quality lakeside dining in restaurants like the Fisherman's Wharf. Lake Hamilton is stocked with both stripers and hybrid striped bass. Walleye, crappie, Kentucky bass and largemouth bass are also abundant in Lake Hamilton.

   Lake Greeson produces nice catches of stripers, yet again they run smaller on average than Lake Ouachita striped bass and catching a trophy striper on Lake Greeson is rare, but possible. Lake Greeson is a smaller version of Lake Ouachita is respect to it's wilderness scenery. Lake Greeson is stocked with striped bass only, but also provides excellent crappie and Kentucky bass fishing.
   I use live bait year round for the simple reason that on the lakes I fish live bait consistently out performs any other technique available for catching striped bass. Some will argue this, but the fact remains that in clear water reservoirs live Gizzard shad produce better catches of stripers 85% of the time. As a striper guide, I catch my own gizzard shad below dams throughout Arkansas on the surrounding rivers and lakes. I transport the live bait to my holding facility for use in my striper fishing guide business. The baits are kept alive and healthy for weeks at a time just waiting to help you catch that trophy striper of a lifetime. Artificial baits are used at certain times of the year supplementing the fun, however I always have live bait in the water while on a guided striper trip due to the fact that live gizzard shad produce better quantity and quality of stripers. It is a known fact that the majority of trophy striped bass caught over the past years on Lake Ouachita, Lake Hamilton, and Lake Greeson have  been caught on live gizzard shad.


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